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Our extension styles

We offer traditional volume eyelash extensions in four different styles. The effect of having a little bit extra can be achieved with length, shape or volume. You should choose your style depending on your personal preferences. However, your own lashes will impact how each looks on you – to ensure the wanted outcome, discuss your expectations with our technician. They are professionals and can tell based on your lashes what outcomes are possible for each look without damaging your natural lashes.

In addition, we have a Weekend-look that is designed for short-term need. Choose this look when you want eyelash extensions for a specific occasion rather than for permanent use.

Ilmi Business

Natural volume extensions

The Ilmi Business look is our natural looking take of volume lash extensions. They are light and fresh, and depending on your wishes can be made to look even more than classic lash extensions.

110 € (new set) / 70 € (maintenance)

Ilmi Temptation

Bold megavolume extensions

The Ilmi Temptation look are megavolume eyelash extensions and thus have a lot more volume compared to Ilmi Business. This look gives the customer as dramatic and dashing lashes as possible – however with safety and good taste still kept in mind.

125 € (new set) / 85 € (maintenance)

Ilmi Influencer

Trendy wispy-extensions

The Ilmi Influencer look is trendy and modern it is our version of the wispy look which is popular among social media influencers. It gives the drama to your look with different length and other features of lashes instead of pure volume and thickness.

135 € (new set) / 95 € (maintenance)

Ilmi Filter

Cat eye effect extensions

The Ilmi Filter look is designed to give you as fabulous eyelashes as social media filters add to pictures. In these extensions, the outer corners of the eyes are particularly highlighted to create a sexy cat eye effect!

135 € (new set) / 95 € (maintenance)

Ilmi Weekend

Short-term extensions

The Ilmi Weekend look is designed for a short-term need of convenience and style without compromising safety and quality. The installation takes only 30 minutes and the lashes last for a long weekend – they are perfect for cruises, festivals, weddings, or other events of your life!

40 € (new set)

Booking and contact

Unfortunately our online booking system is only in Finnish. However, we offer customer service in English so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to make an appointment. You are of course welcome to navigate our online booking system if you can.

What are eyelash extensions?

Lash extensions make you look nice and neat 24/7

Lash extensions are permanent and synthetic extensions glued on your natural lashes opening your gaze and making your everyday makeup routine much easier. Naturally, the outcome will vary depending on your natural lashes. When applied correctly by professionals, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes, eyes or skin.

The installation of a new set of lashes takes between two to three hours depending on the desired look and your own eyelashes. Due to the natural growth and replacement of human hair, the lashes require regular maintenance, which usually takes from one to two hours every third or fourth week. Because individual growth cycles vary, the right frequency of maintenance can be found only by trying.

You can replace expensive and inconvenient false lashes, mascara and other eye makeup products with lash extensions. In contrast to other options, eyelash extensions are fully resistant to water, tears and sweat. They won’t block you from doing anything after the first 24 hours from installation. For example, you are free to exercise, go to the sauna or swim as you normally do without the fear of damaging the eyelash extensions.

Lash extensions are for everyone

Lash extensions are suitable for almost every person regardless of their eye shape, age, or gender. However, some circumstances such as pregnancy or a brand new medication might affect the permanence of the lashes, but they do not block you from using lash extensions.

The only hindrance between you and our extensions might be an extremely rare allergic hypersensitivity to the glue used in applying the eyelash extensions. If you suspect a potential allergy, you are welcome to book a free appointment to our allergy test. While the test does not completely guarantee you won’t get any allergic reaction, it still significantly decreases this likelihood if no allergy symptoms are induced by the test. The test should be done at least 24 hours before taking the lash extensions.

Lash extensions are also a great present for a person who has everything. With only 40€ you can gift a friend dashing lashes for a long weekend! Choose the sum of your choice and get an electrical gift card online or the actual card from our salon at Kamppi, Helsinki.

Instructions for taking eyelash extensions

Before setup

Go to the toilet and remove your contact lenses if you use them. Don’t drink caffeine just before – diuretic substances might increase the activity of your eyelids and expedite your need to go to the toilet again. Make sure your lashes are clean and dry before your appointment. If there is something concerning you, please let your technician know it beforehand.

During setup

Be on time for your appointment. The installation time for the new set of lashes will take between two to three hours depending on the selected look. Just lay down and relax, close your eyes and take a nap or listen to music if you like to.

After setup

Keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours to ensure the correct dehydration of the glue bond. After the proper drying, wash your lashes daily with Ilmi Shampoo or other shampoo specifically made for eyelash extensions. Brush the lashes once or twice a day, we will give you a dedicated brush for that. As long as you don’t rip your lashes and take good care of the hygiene, your extensions will remain tidy and won’t cause your lashes or eyes any harm. You’ll get these instructions also from your technician at the end of your appointment.

About Ilmi Beauty

We are specialized in eyelash extensions only because that allows us to focus and prioritize their quality and development over everything else. Since we do not offer any other services, we can always maintain the optimal temperature and humidity for setting up eyelash extensions. The durability of eyelash extensions is largely affected by the chemical conditions of the space in which they are set. Furthermore, by focusing purely on lash extensions we are able to truly become the masters of our craft. Focusing only on one product allows us to upgrade the materials and technique to exceed even the highest standards for lashes.

Our philosophy also includes creating a safe and pleasant place to work – we offer safety and security for our employees by not outsourcing our technicians. Instead, the team is helping us pursue our long term goal of providing the best eyelash extension services in the world. All our technicians are trained in executing each of our designed looks.

Our broader wish is to be a part of increasing safety in the entire eyelash extensions industry which is poorly regulated and lacks health standards. Our team has broad knowledge of the health and chemical perspectives to eyelash extension services. Also, we take care of maintaining the expertise of all our eyelash technicians who are continuously educated with the newest information and best practises of the field. 

In our salon, we only use the safest materials and equipment to do lash extensions according to research. We use only so-called medical glues in which all ingredients have been thoroughly tested – those ingredients are used, for example, during medical procedures in surgery which is why there are more medical studies and research conducted on them compared to some other eyelash glue acrylates. While allergies are impossible to mitigate completely, we do our very best to decrease their likelihood to as close to zero as possible.